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Skeleton in the closet

I think everyone has a skeleton in their closets. So it’s time I show mine. Here it is, his name is Roger Please do not be alarmed, he lost his head and his posture is terrible. But he is a very lovely skeleton and a good friend of mine. He is very shy so he

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This website permalink structure was updated in order to optimize its SEO. Therefore, the bookmarks and shortened links to the old posts might have stopped working. I include here the links to to old posts in order for you not too loose them. Mind Over Matter Brugger Relief Position Sorry for the inconvenience it might

Mind over Matter

A recent medical research concluded that mindfulness meditation practice leads to increases in regional brain grey matter density. Researchers in Massachusetts General Hospital and Harvard Medical School investigated the effects of mindfulness meditation on the grey matter in our brain. They found that only after eight weeks of guided meditation program the grey matter in certain

Brugger Relief Position

I have used this simple postural exercise myself many times when my back and neck would get tired from sitting at the computer. It takes a few seconds and works wonders for keeping the back in great alignment and developing good posture. Just following these steps: Sit at the edge of your chair so you

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