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A good posture is sign of physical health and emotional well-being.
So, what is a good posture?

Have you ever looked at a person with slouched shoulders and thought that he must be upset? Do you notice that your chest lifts up when you feel proud after accomplishing something important? Does your back get tired after sitting at your desk for a long time and you start feeling lethargic?

Body’s posture shows obvious connection with the state of mind. On the other hand, there is an immediate physical impact that a bad posture has on the rest of the body. Collapsed chest impedes breathing and functioning of heart. Head shifted forward can restrict the nerves controlling the arms, and shortened muscles at the back of the neck may cause tension headaches.

We spend too much time sitting while driving a car, watching TV, or at work. But there are very simple steps we can take to start changing those bad habits.

The following article explains in more detail why it can be difficult sometimes to maintain a good posture, and what simple steps we can take to improve and shed away bad habits. Click here to read this article

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