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Client Testimonials

“Matvey is an outstanding massage therapist, with a sharpened ability for assessment and excellent skills to address the root cause of problems. This focus on the cause of problems is the main differentiator of Matvey’s approach to massage therapy. My experience with Matvey on numerous occasions (I am an avid tennis player and get a fair amount of back and arm injuries) has been extremely gratifying.”

“I am a 34 year old male who was stricken with TMJ (jaw, face and head pain) five years ago. I have seen and been referred to almost a dozen specialists regarding my condition. I was in constant pain and was told that surgery would be most likely. I was not willing to go down that road however. One thing led to another and I came into contact with Matvey. His treatments, which are ultra low-impact, keep me pain-free and out of the operating room. Matvey’s treatments not only help my primary ailment [TMJ] but also allow my body to function the way it was meant to. The world of Osteopathy, that he is a student of, has given me a chance to live a pain-free life.”

“Matvey has treated me for various physical conditions from shoulder and neck soreness to abdominal pain. He has demonstrated great knowledge and care while applying a variety of massage therapy techniques. He always does his best to alleviate immediate discomfort; however, his therapeutic approach is aimed at finding and alleviating the underlying causes for pains and discomforts. His soothing personality also helps create a comfortable and nurturing environment that helps foster one’s healing process. I highly recommend Matvey as a very knowledgeable, caring and professional therapist.”

“We have another Wellness spot for you! – Matvey Kipershtein’s Yorkville Massage Practice on Cumberland. This is a massage like you have never had! – it is very interesting that he massages in a different way!  He removes pain by balancing you; this is why most people are in pain.

“I went in expecting a simple massage for an hour, but it wasn’t what I thought it’d be.

He made me stand in different poses with feet together, then apart, tuck my chin in; test my flexibility by bending and rolling down to touch the ground…he checked out my balance, hips & alignment Then I thought he was leaving so I could change to get under the blanket, but was told I just need to change into shorts and sport bra and he massaged me with different movements while standing, lying on my back, side, sitting etc., By incorporating a lot of stretching motions into the massage, he can align your body without the cracking!”

“Everyday for the past 2-3 months I have been waking up with the right side of my body numb and a pinching feeling in the back side of my right hip and the right side of my neck is ALWAYS hurting! I woke up this morning after a treatment with Matvey Kipershtein and I have to tell you … I have no pain!  I feel like a new person!”

“I started treatments with Matvey Kipershtein about a year and a half ago on the recommendation of my orthodontist. She told me that she would not be able to correct my bite unless someone like Matvey addressed issues in other parts of my body. Not knowing what these issues could be, I was a bit skeptical about what could be accomplished. After only a few sessions I not only understood how Matvey’s treatment could complement orthodontic treatment, I also began to experience the more general benefits of the treatments.

While I can’t provide the details of how Matvey’s treatments support the orthodontic procedures I am undergoing, I can indicate how my experience as an orthodontic patient has been improved by my experience as Matvey’s patient. Massage treatments alleviate much of the strain caused by the changes happening in my mouth and jaw, and help me understand these changes and the sensations associated with them. Matvey’s monitoring and addressing of the tensions caused by the braces is reassuring, and his treatments immediately make me more comfortable physically. I am also confident that Matvey’s treatments will have the long-term effects of supporting and maintaining the new positions of my jaw and teeth.

The more general benefits of my treatments began with the significant reduction of the low-level pain I had been experiencing daily, and continues with an increased awareness of my body that gives me a sense of control and allows me to push myself confidently in physical activities. I no longer worry about hurting myself because I have a clearer sense of when and how I need to be careful. There are, however, fewer occasions when I feel I need to be very cautious because Matvey’s treatments have improved my balance and the movement in and of various parts of my body. I sense that all the different things that my body does and that I do with it are more in sync. Matvey’s treatments have improved how my body works and my relationship to it, which, in turn, improves my general sense of wellbeing.”