Where to find Annex Osteopathy, Toronto

Annex Osteopathy clinic is located within Halcyon Health at: 677 Dupont Street, 2nd Floor. Toronto M6G 1Z5 If you have questions regarding booking an appointment, please contact Matvey tel (voice or SMS): (416) 550-0143 e-mail: matvey@AnnexOsteopathy.com If you are scheduling your first appointment at Annex Osteopathy, please book Initial Assessment and Treatment (90 min). This will allow us to have sufficient time go over your health history, previous treatments and such and leave enough time for the hands-on treatment. For the follow up visits, please schedule 1 hour appointments. If you are ready to book your appointment now, please press this button to access online booking system. Next step after choosing the type of your appointment is an option to select your therapist. Our team members are: Matvey Kipershtein and Brianne Lalande.
[googlemap] Also, feel free to use the contact form below to send Matvey a quick message!

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