Osteopathy for TMJ Jaw Pain

Osteopathy for TMJ Jaw Pain

Unable to enjoy a juicy steak dinner… without the agony of jaw and face pain when you bite down? Perhaps you experience that embarrassing clicking when you chew the foods you love, followed by sharp pain and discomfort that kills the pleasure of mealtime.

Or, ever felt your teeth clench when you are angry? Emotional stress can cause jaw dysfunction as well. Osteopathy for TMJ Jaw Paincan effectively help you to relax and stop grinding your teeth.

Jaw, face and head pains often stem from restrictions in the bones that form the skull. Cranio-sacral therapy is very effective in relieving these tensions.

Osteopathy for TMJ Jaw Pain

The posture and the mobility of the rest of your body influence how you bite, so with the help of Cranio-sacral therapy Toronto, myofascial release, Osteo-Articular Corrections, and Visceral normalization.

I will help you to release the tensions that come from other parts of your body and thus achieve relief from the jaw and face pain.  It’s time to take back your life.  I offer treatments that target this debilitating condition and help bring back a pain-free smile.

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