Osteopathy for Pregnancy and Postpartum

How comfortable is your pregnancy?

Bringing a new life into the world should be a joyful experience, devoid of unnecessary distress. Despite common misconceptions, the journey of pregnancy need not be marred by chronic pain. If you are grappling with considerable discomfort, at Annex Osteopathy we provide treatment plan to bring welcome relief. Osteopathy can help you navigate this transformative period with greater comfort and ease.

osteopathy for pregnancy and postpartum

Discomfort during pregnancy is a widespread issue, often resulting in physical restrictions, limitations in daily tasks, and emotional strain.

The causes of discomfort during pregnancy can vary and may not always be immediately evident.

Frequently, it stems from hormonal shifts or physical strains that can lead to muscle strains or tension in ligaments. Additionally, pelvic pain or tension in the ligaments supporting the uterus may also contribute.

As the abdomen expands, there is increased pressure on the ribs and breathing muscles, which can significantly limit movement and cause fatigue during routine activities.

Although the body naturally adjusts to pregnancy, the stress on surrounding muscles and ligaments can result in discomfort and pain.

How Osteopathy helps you in The Prenatal Period

During pregnancy, osteopathic manipulation provides gentle and safe method to maintain skeletal alignment. Achieving symmetry and mobility in the diaphragm can alleviate common discomforts like rib pain and heartburn, while also facilitating the necessary expansion to accommodate your growing baby.

This flexibility supports multidirectional stretching, ensuring your body can adapt as needed.

Balancing pressures within the body through the diaphragm and pelvic floor, helps mitigate the risk of issues such as abdominal muscle separation and pubic symphysis dysfunction.

Past tailbone falls or pelvic traumas from prior deliveries can contribute to increased tension in the pelvis. Osteopathy is effective in realigning the pelvis and enhancing tissues mobility, easing the process of labour and delivery.

Babies can be sensitive to mother’s emotional stress. By employing craniosacral techniques, the nervous system can be balanced and relaxed, benefiting both mother and child.

Through gentle techniques like joint mobilization, stretching, and myofascial release, we aim to improve mobility, alleviate muscle tension, and enhance your comfort throughout pregnancy.

During your first visit to Annex Osteopathy, we conduct a comprehensive assessment and initiate treatment. We discuss your overall health, pregnancy-related concerns, and the treatment plan. Osteopathic practitioner will carefully evaluate your body, observing movements and conducting specific tests to assess joints, ligaments, and muscles.

Treatment for pregnancy-related discomfort is personalized based on pain location, symptom severity, and medical history. Techniques are selected to relieve tension, enhance well-being, and improve mobility, aiming to enhance your comfort and improve overall pregnancy experience.

Research underscores the benefits of osteopathic treatments during pregnancy, particularly in bolstering musculoskeletal health and enhancing comfort for expectant mothers.

Addressing past injuries and traumas during the first trimester helps mitigate potential pregnancy complications during labour and delivery. Osteopathic care during pregnancy alleviates postural discomfort in later stages of pregnancy, supporting your body’s adaptation to the increasing weight of your growing child.

Hormonal changes during pregnancy can strain ligaments, but our comprehensive approach ensures your body is equipped to handle these physical changes, optimizing your comfort and well-being throughout this transformative journey.

How Osteopathy helps after delivery.

Promptly addressing postpartum issues is crucial for ensuring optimal recovery and avoiding complications. It’s essential not to overlook any discomfort or delay seeking medical assistance. Incorporating osteopathic care into your postpartum recovery can provide valuable support and aid in addressing various concerns that may arise after childbirth. Osteopathic treatments can target areas of discomfort such as pelvic pain, back pain, or tension in the shoulders and neck that sometimes result from prolonged positioning while cuddling or feeding. Furthermore, postpartum issues such as episiotomy and cesarean section scars can impact hip, groin, and pelvic floor functions. Osteopathic soft tissue techniques can address these scars improving mobility and pelvic floor function. Additionally, epidurals can leave tensions in the nervous system. Osteopathic Practitioners are skilled in addressing nerve tension, restoring nervous system mobility through various techniques, including Craniosacral Therapy. Moreover, visceral techniques can address the position and mobility of organs like the bladder and uterus, promoting overall pelvic health. Through approaches such as Visceral Manipulation.

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