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Annex Osteopathy clinic is located within

Christie Integrated Health Centre at:
691 Bloor Street West, 2nd Floor (Entrance from Clinton St)
Toronto  M6G 1L3

Where to find Annex Osteopathy, Toronto

tel (voice or SMS): (416) 550-0143

If you have questions regarding booking an appointment, please contact Matvey
tel (voice or SMS): (416) 550-0143
e-mail: matvey@


If you are scheduling your first appointment at Annex Osteopathy, please book 1 Hour Appointment. This will allow us to have sufficient time go over your health history, previous treatments and such and leave enough time for the hands-on treatment.
For the follow up visits, we will decide what length is the most appropriate.

Here are the procedures we will follow, so that your treatments are safe and effective: 

  • When booking your appointment you will need to fill out questionnaire according to most recent COVID-19 screening guidelines. The same screening will be done at the time of your treatment.
  • We will have to decide whether it is essential for your health. For example, addressing pain that can force you to miss work or make you go to the hospital is essential. I will be contacting you before your appointment time, so that we can make that decision.
  • To insure social distancing, appointment times are staggered in such a way that no two patients will meet in the waiting room. That includes all other patients coming to the clinic. Unfortunately, this limits the number of available appointments. Also, you will have to come no more than 5 minutes before your appointment, and leave immediately right after it. This also means that if someone accompanies you, they will have to wait outside.
  • There are very strict disinfection procedures for all the surfaces (including the treatment table) before and after each appointment. And everyone will have to follow hand sanitizing and washing procedures according to the government guidelines. There is signage to remind us to follow these procedures.
  • To limit potential spreading of the virus, I have decided not to use linens, blankets or face cradle covers. They are impossible to sanitize. Instead, there are disposable towels to cover the facecradle. I would like to advise you to come in comfortable clothing. And if you need to, please bring your own blanket for added comfort.
  • Everyone will have to wear masks when entering the clinic. If you don’t have it, I will be providing one for you.

If you are ready to book your appointment now, please press this button to access online booking system.