I have used this simple postural exercise myself many times when my back and neck would get tired from sitting at the computer. It takes a few seconds and works wonders for keeping the back in great alignment and developing good posture.

Just following these steps:

  1. Sit at the edge of your chair so you feel the pressure on your sitting bones;
  2. Place your feet under your knees and move them slightly apart and then turn them a bit outwards;
  3. Roll your pelvis slightly forward so your back begins to arch;
  4. Push your chest forward and up;
  5. Rotate your hands outward so your palms face forward;
  6. Separate your fingers as much as possible so that your thumbs face backward a little;
  7. Tuck your chin in slightly
  8. Imagine as if there are two strings that gently pull you up from the crown of your head and from your breastbone.
  9. Hold this posture while you breath through your abdomen;
  10. Repeat this exercise 2-3 times an hour or as soon as your back gets tired.
    When held correctly his position looks like this:
Brugger Postural exercise

Brugger Relief Position for sore back and neck