No elbow in your buttock

There is a reason why I don’t use excessive force, do not suggest aggressive stretching and do not recommend deep tissue massage. Well…, it just does not work. I always felt that being gentle in my approach brings far better results with significantly less soreness and discomfort after the treatment. It was also my experience

[INFOGRAPHIC] What is Osteopathic Treatment Used For?

Perhaps you have just come across Osteopathy but didn’t know what it does or would like to know more about what Osteopathy treatment is. Here is a short infographic to help explain. Do you love infographics? Please consider sharing it using the buttons below!

Osteopathy Explained Part1

What is osteopathy? “If you can’t explain it to a six year old, you don’t understand it yourself.” – Albert Einstein.   Recently, I got invited to my 6 year old son’s class to give a little talk about what I do at work. Imagine Arnold Schwarzenegger in Kindergarten Cop: “Who is your daddy and what

What is a good posture?

A good posture is sign of physical health and emotional well-being. So, what is a good posture? Have you ever looked at a person with slouched shoulders and thought that he must be upset? Do you notice that your chest lifts up when you feel proud after accomplishing something important? Does your back get tired after

Your posture at the desk

Imagine working at your computer all day long without a slightest tension at your neck. Feel the mouse click instead your wrist crack as your press the button. Many of my patients say: “Oh, my posture is awful”. “If only I could keep myself properly positioned at the desk, my neck and back would feel

Temporomandibular joint dysfunction

Jaw and face pains are quite common, but are easy to treat. Frequent tension or sinus headaches; difficulty with chewing; painful jaw clicking and popping; tender jaw muscles; dull, aching pain in front of the ear; increased pain in the morning; ringing in the ears or loss of balance. These can be a sign of

Mind Over Matter Continued

Stress is good for you. Positive thinking about stress changes your body’s stress reactions for the better. Watch this amazing amazing TED presentation and see that stress can be your friend. What’s most amazing is that the research sited in this talk proves that we can use our minds to change our physiology. If

Skeleton in the closet

I think everyone has a skeleton in their closets. So it’s time I show mine. Here it is, his name is Roger Please do not be alarmed, he lost his head and his posture is terrible. But he is a very lovely skeleton and a good friend of mine. He is very shy so he

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This website permalink structure was updated in order to optimize its SEO. Therefore, the bookmarks and shortened links to the old posts might have stopped working. I include here the links to to old posts in order for you not too loose them. Mind Over Matter Brugger Relief Position Sorry for the inconvenience it might

Mind over Matter

A recent medical research concluded that mindfulness meditation practice leads to increases in regional brain grey matter density. Researchers in Massachusetts General Hospital and Harvard Medical School investigated the effects of mindfulness meditation on the grey matter in our brain. They found that only after eight weeks of guided meditation program the grey matter in certain

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